Paneurhythmy awakens the divine nature in human beings.

—Beinsa Douno

WHAT is Pan-Eu-Rhythmy ?

Pan – meaning Whole; Universal and Cosmic
Eu – meaning True or  Divine; the essential and substantial in the world.
Rhythmy – meaning correctness in the movements

PanEuRhythmy is a sacred collective meditation in motion which connects us with Nature, the Universe and each other through the rhythm of living sacred geometry. Performed in a circle in the open air, PanEuRhythmy harmonizes music, movements, beautiful words and ideas into a single coherent vibration while moving counterclockwise like a galaxy in the Universe ! Resonating with the Universal Rhythm of Life, PanEuRhythmy balances all aspects of body, mind, and spirit to restore health, joy, and wellbeing on a personal and a global level.


PanEuRhythmy is specifically suited to our age of growing interconnectedness.  It gives us methods to solve the issues we face as humanity – collectively, effectively and peacefully.  Scientific and medical studies of PanEuRhythmy in its country of origin, Bulgaria, point to numerous health and social benefits for adults as well as children and seniors.  Based on her experience as a practitioner and teacher of PanEurhythmy for over 30 years, Ardella Nathaniel agrees and insists that PanEuRhythmy has the following benefits:

  1. Improves physical health and well-being,
  2. Harmonizes emotional well-being and enhances relationships,
  3. Improves learning and studying abilities,
  4. Enhances creativity.
  5. Creates balance on all levels


Today Paneurhythmy is practiced all over the world: Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Mexico, Philippines, Russia,Costa Rica, USA, and many others. Thousands of people come to the summer camp at the Seven Lakes in the Rila Mountains, Bulgaria to perform Paneurhythmy and enjoy the majesty of the mountain.

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Paneurhythmy is a method for transformation and conscious connection with the Living Nature


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